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Before I Begin....

Hello everyone~ <3.

  Before I begin to post anything at all, I wanted to warn you/ let you know what my journal will consist of mostly. This is NOT going to be solely some boring journal ranting about life and how cruel it is. My journal is likely going to contain: entries on what happened each day during my college experience, Rants about people, The ups and downs of life (because everyone has amazing days and down moments), Fanfictions (Mostly of K-pop groups), Photos, Videos, and Recommendation entries on music.

I want to keep everyone as interested and happy as possible :) So if I do something by accident that you do not like, please (in a respectful and adult fashion), tell me what it was that you did not like so that maybe I will fix it. Ultimately the decision on what I change is mine. Anyway, to begin, I just finished another EunHae fic. My goodness. Much less innocent than the 'EunHae-Winter Wonderland' I wrote o3o...

But I like eet.

So I keep eet.

I'm getting a little sleepy so I'm going to post a fic then crash in bed. Goodnight all of you lovely human beings~ <3

  윤아 <3


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