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Drew Me a Hanchul Comic
Yeah, so out of the blue I decidede to draw a Hanchul comic. No idea where it came from. Is only 5 panels long but hey....I colored it. Which never ever happens mind you. it is lovely Hanchul fans. P.s. I hate Hangengs face in the second panel. Cant fix it!! FUUUU!!!....
Keep it real. Im going to bed before having to wake up early to give a speech -.-....night!

Hanchul pt 1:

Hanchul pt 2:

Hanchul final:

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How do I go about doing that? We are going to have to get together one day so you can teach me the ways of LiveJournal

Well I'm always in starbucks, so we'll do it then!
I'll try to finish that Eunhae, and so you can just watch me submit mine :3

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